Agriculture filed visit

Agriculture filed visit                                            
Let me share, my today experience about agriculture filed visit. Today we had agriculture filed visit. It was new experience for me because I heard about sustainable agriculture, and I learn’t only theory class, like what is sustainable agriculture.
Today I was visited agriculture filed. Today morning we went to filed visit at 10:00AM. Fistedly we visited Naragunda Taluk Shanwada village this village people now they realized what is important of sustainable agriculture. This village people took initiative to adapting sustainable agriculture, they only now building form pond in their filed. They using to build form pond like 5 Gunt, 10*10 fit depth.
What is sustainable agriculture?
“Sustainable agriculture is the efficient production of safe, high quality agricultural products, in a way that protects and improves the natural environment, the social and economic conditions of farmers, their employees and local communities, and safeguards the health and welfare of all farmed species.”
I was very happy to see this because farmer they came back to sustainable agriculture. We had a discussion about farm pond with Mr. Unisa khan sir. He gave some information to us.
2nd Visit
Afterword’s we met Mr. Vasudeva filed he has have 8 actor filed in this filed he growing mango trees 280 and Chico, coconut. I was surprised because he growing all trees in dray lend. Now day’s farmer straggling to get normal crop.  But he was growing Agriculture plants. After that he explained all thinks. Then we came to now all think. One more good thing is he was not using comical fertilize. He was using only organic fertilizer.

This filed visit very helpful to our further Improvement. I had such good experience in this field visit. I was learn’t many things through this filed visit such has I found what is different between sustainable agriculture and Agriculture. Really sustainable agriculture makes big change in agriculture. If want develop farmer they need to adept sustainable agriculture. It need to develop our Indian agriculture.
 I would like to say thanks to Mr. Unisa khan and Mr.sanjeev sadhani and all our DFP team. 

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