A journey of Eco tourism


Eco-tourism all about to study and understand about different environment, culture, life style, Eco tourism, under whatever definition, is an instigator of change. It is inevitable that the introduction of tourists to be as seldom visited by outsiders will place demands upon the environment associated with new actors, activities, and facilities.
 Eco tourism will forge new relationships between people and environment, and between peoples with different lifestyles. It will create forces for both change and stability. These forces act at a diversity of scales from global to local.
Fast day journey
I am very joyful to share concerning my Eco-tourism learning’s and Experience. We have completed our Eco-tourism on 25th to 28th August 2013. On 25th evening we went to Mysore Dist, Koll gala Taluk, and Odeyar playa. Fast day we visited Myrada treeing center at Kollegal taluk, Odeyar playa. While going Kollegal taluk, Odeyar playa I enjoyed lot because the forest, Nature, and goad section, it was totally amazing to me.
After that we met Mr. Kumar his person of Myrada treeing center program Manager. We interacted with him afterwards we walked around village; and also we interacted with village people. If say about that village the village people improved lot because they are growing vegetables, like Potato, and other vegetables,
2th day
We met Mr. Abdul his is working Myrada organization treeing center as a supervise. after that we met Tibetan community whose settlement officer’s name is Mr.Tenzin Iguin. He told us about the Tibetan’s story and the Tibetan fight and struggle against China because they haven’t got freedom from them yet. And he told us about their culture, tradition, educational curriculum, and the issue of self burning.
Every year, one person from each family in Tibet burns themselves for getting freedom. While listing only I felt very bad because about their struggle against China. They are really hard working. Their school is also good and their children are studying under the CBSE syllabus, so, some Tibetan people talk in three languages- Kannada Hindi and English and their mother tongue Tibetan.
 Afterwards we visited Antananarivo village and we met Tribal community. We discussed with them about their culture, family, education marriage system, and agriculture, they are growing some crops like potato, Ragi, Jowar and vegetables. Summer season they are going migration to Hassan for three month. I got more information from this interaction. After that we came back to Myrada organization after we had launch then Mr.chandrashekar sir conducted singing computation. In this computation we enjoyed lot.
3th day 

We went Male Mahadeshwara Hill to take blousing. Really it was nice experience to me because if want we want go Male Mahadeshwara temple we need to pass three hills while going on the bus I enjoyed lot. Then getting god blousing we had god Prasad it was very testes. Then we came back to Mysore and we visited Mysore palace it was amazing experience to me. Because I seen Mysore palace fast time.


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