About Fundraising Module

Date-24-06-2013 to 02-07-2013

Place- Gaddnkari Tanda, Bagalkota 

I would like to share about fundraising module. The fundraising module is one of the module in Deshpande fellowship program which is allows to learn’t practical Fundraising and event management, coordination, Convince to people. We have done our fundraising activities 24-06-2013 to 02-07-2013 at Bagalkota Dist-Gaddnkari Tanda Village.

Firstly our team member’s choice place that is Gaddnkari Tanda Village. After that we planed which event we need to conduct then finally we planned to conduct “Sangeeth Sonja” Program. Next we planed how to raise fund firstly we made donor list after that we went Bagalkota Tanda village in this village. Afterword’s we met Panchyth President and we talked with him to get permeation he gave some suggestion and he arranged room for us.

We made tow group in our team and we stated to raise fund In Bagalkota and Gaddnkari, Tanda village. We raised fund four days. And collected fund from donor, Village people. We conducted program Such as “Sangeeth Sonja” This program we invited kalkeri Sangeeth student they are performed in this program.

This program we invited Bagalkota Zilla Panchyth Member Mr.Hovappa Rathod, and Mr.Rathnappa Rathod and village people, village people also participated. Totally we done good event.

In this module I learn’t many thinks through this Module  like Before going to fundraising we should plan about Event and Donor list, place, and Place & Event, Approach to Donor and people, Event management, Team management,

In my perspective fundraising module it’s very learning module to me and our team didn’t get any difficult during the fundraising event.



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