Summary of English Vinglish Movies

I’m very glad to share about today English Vanglis movie experience. I was had seen today English Vanglis movie. This movie all about Indian housewife’s struggle in the modern English speaking world where she takes the pain almost each and every second she tries to adapt herself to the present standard of living.
In this movie Shashi struggle a lot Because of her lake of communication. One day she had a opportunity to go USA. Then she went to USA after she joined English intuition in new york. After four week she learnt English,
English language is very important in present situation in the world.  Wherever you go should be need English. Without English we can’t do anything’s. Because of English is international language.
I was learnt so many things in this movie. She used to learn English such has English movies, carefully listening, and observation, she fined new words’. I have fiend some new vocabulary in this movies such has eventually, meanwhile, Jess dance,
In this movie indirectly say’s age is no limit to learn English. Everybody can learn English.
English Vanglis film is a 2012 Indian comedy film written and directed by Gauri shinde

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