“We had legal module by Mr.prashanth Deshpande”

Module name- legal module
I would like to share about today’s learning’s. Today we had session by Mr.prashanth Deshpande he was thought about legal module. It’s really and very interesting module for me because I learn t many thinks in this session.Before I know what are the thinks need to register to NGO but not mach. know I come to know through this session.
Fast India society registration act passed in 1860. After 100 year in Karnataka government passed society registration act in 1960. Then what is NGO?
NGO is nothing but nonprofit organization. This is registered under the 1960 society registered act 1960. What are the thinks need to register to NGO Such as before going to register NGO we should do three Meting. After the meeting apply 1A form hen application after MO– memo rend am association, A`O- article association, and from 32, form 18, with stamp and fee 500Rs.
  1. Persons-7
  2. Capital- Not
  3. Name-
  4. Objective-
  5. place
Application for registration
  1. Name-
  2. MOA,Bye,Laws
  3. Government body-
  4. list of  member
  5. registration fee- 500
After that we learn’t about 1882 Trust act which is register under 1882 act.  Also we learn’t 1956 company act.So totally very good and more productivity day session to me. In this session Mr.prashanth connected one quiz regarding legal module in this quiz our team is win.

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