Alumani’s meeting program

A Journey with Alumani’s                                             
Date 26-05-2013

I’m very glad to share about alumani’s session. Really it was wrath full session for me. I was very happy and proud to say part of the program. Yesterday we had an alumani’s session. Firstly program started through “eyes braking video” showed by Mr.krishnaji then all alumani’s they introduced themselves. After that we met some alumani’s. After that some of alumani’s they shared their achievement and work experience. I was very happy to listing their achievement.
Afterword’s we conducted one funny game to alumani’s like balloon game, all alumani’s participated in this game. Final winner Mr.Amruth patil.
Next Mr.Naveen Jha addressed the session he taught about he gave some motivation to alumani’s and he gave some suggestion to alumani’s. Letter he asked to alumani’s how can we help you all. Then some of them they shared they are opening.
 Letter we had break  
After the break Mr. Chinnababu sir made four groups in that one group we discussed about how they are working and how helps to DFP improve their carrier, some alumani’s share their experience such has Mr.Nagaraj and Mr.Amruth patil they gave some suggestion for us. It was really good suggestion for me.
 Next end of the program Mr.Chinnababu he engaged session. He was motivated lost 5minets then he told, learnt here, do mistake here, but don’t do mistake outside. He gave some suggestion how to Improve our communication, Then he told on thought “give result, don’t give rezone” then we Interacted some alumani’s I shared my DFP experience.
 Afterward’s Miss.Savith madam sad out thank to alumani’s.
I would like to say thank to Miss.Savita madam for conducting this program.

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